LV/MV Metering Panel up to 33kV

We Design, engineer, assemble and manufacture Metering Panel. Our standard panel is dust and vermin proof and totally enclosed with MS Sheet. It has two separate compartments, the upper one shall house for energy meter with associated wiring and shall be termed as “Meter compartment”. The other section i.e. lower compartment shall house the 11 kV,1 Ph, dry type epoxy resin casted CT (3 Nos.) and 11 kV, 1 Ph, dry type epoxy resin casted PT (3 Nos.) and shall be termed as “HT CT/PT compartment”. A separate and independent vermin proof door is provided for each of the upper and lower compartments with provision of locking and sealing arrangement. The Metering panel shall be totally enclosed and shall be provided with one no.

Hinged door made of MS sheet which shall rest on the collar along rear sides of cubicle so that the doors remain flushed with body of the cubicle. The door shall be provided with a handle and two nos. sealing arrangement. There shall be one fixed (non-openable) window fitted with transparent acrylic glass to enable the meter reader to note down the reading without opening the door of the panel. The glass shall be fitted / tightened with MS Frame from inside of window.

Apart from this, we design and manufacture metering panels as per customer specification. All panels confirm standards for CT IS:2705 and IEC 61869-1 & 2 and for VT REF. STD IS:3156 and IEC 61869-1 & 3.