Epoxy Resin Cast Bushings are designed and manufactured as per customer's drawings and specifications for various applications like Switchgear, Bus Ducts, and Transformers, etc.

Bushings are manufactured by using Automatic Pressure Gelation (APG) & Vacuum Casting methods Which are closely controlled and monitored process to avoid chances of pinholes, voids and surface defects by The richly experienced and skilled workforce with gives perfection in aesthetics and its functions.

All bushings are being manufactured & tested as per IS/BS/IEC and other international standards or as per customer requirements.


  • Law Thermal Capacity.
  • Light in weight and compact in design.
  • High bending & tensile strength.
  • High Impact resistance.
  • Excellent Dielectric strength.
  • Long Creep-age Distance with good arc strength.
  • APG Cast products that ensure bubble-free and internal void-free finishing.