HV Bushings

OIP Bushing

Oil Impregnated Paper has been the oldest and most highly established technology globally. At Epoxy House, we offer a superior product range by setting high-quality standards and the shortest lead time. Our OIP bushings are tightly wound with low humid Full-Width Kraft paper on a Full-Width Winding machine to offer 10X the output of a narrow band machine. The Wound core is inserted with the optimum number of Conducting Foils to distribute stress axially & radially. The wound core is Vacuum Dried & Oil Impregnated through an Automatic Autoclave to achieve consistent Tan delta and Capacitance. The tan delta tap is incorporated in the flange to measure the online/offline dielectric dissipation factor. The Hermetically sealed spring assembly has eliminated major tapping and bolting throughout the bushing; hence eliminating the chance of oil leakage/Humidity Ingression. Our conservatory is inspired by a mushroom shape which eliminates the chances of rainwater slippage through the conservator into the bushing and transformer. The OIP bushings are offered with Prismatic Oil Level Indicator to monitor the on-site oil level. Our products are Routine Tested & Type Tested as per the latest IEC 60137 in accredited NABL laboratories.


Rated Current : 300A to 3150 Amps
Insulation : Oil Impregnated Paper
Application : Power Transformers / Wall Through Bushings
Type : Oil to Air / Oil to Oil / Air to Air
Insulator : Porcelain / Hollow Composite Silicon
Standard : IEC 60137: 2017
Connections : Draw Lead/ Draw Rod/ Solid Stem Type

*Customised current >3150A also available upon special request.

Salient Features

  • Full-Width Kraft Paper Wound Core: Unmatched Lead time across the market.
  • Established Process Control: Consistent Capacitance
  • Lowest Tan Delta across the market: Tan δ < 0.3%
  • Partial Discharge FREE up to Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (HV)
  • High Cantilever load withstands capability.
  • Superior Thermal Performance
  • Customization as per tailor-made requirements
  • Superior Interchange with Global Reputed Makes
  • NABL accredited lab
  • RDSO approved products
OIS bushing infography

High Current Bushing

We, at Epoxy House, firmly believe in practicing our vision of Growth through Innovation. To accomplish that vision, we have come up with our latest offering of High Current Bushings. Under the ‘Make in India’ scheme, we are the pioneers in manufacturing the dry type bushings right in India.


Rated Voltage : Up to 36kV
Rated Current : Up to 20kA
Standard : IEC 60137: 2017
Application : Power Transformers / Generators
Type : Oil to Air / Oil to Oil / Air to Air
Insulator : Porcelain
Connections : Solid Stem Type


  • Oil Communicating Bushings
  • Oil Impregnated Paper Condenser Bushings
  • Resin Impregnated Paper Condenser Bushings
  • Resin Impregnated Glass Condenser Bushings