EHV Bushings

OIP Bushing

Bushings are provided with a plug on Mounting flange for air release from the Turret. Double Eye bolts are provided to lift up and also for earthing. Bottom Insulator is cast resin MOG can be fixed as an option. We have established the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in conformance with documented Quality Management Systems. We are equipped with a modern High voltage Laboratory to carry out dielectric and thermal tests in line with IEC: 60137. We offer AIR-AIR Wall Bushings, OIL-OIL Cable Box Bushings and GIS Bushings.

  • Rated Current800 to 5000 Amps
  • StandardIEC-60137
  • Rated Voltage 52 and 245 kV


  • Established Process Control : Low Tanδ, lower Partial Discharge
  • Established Under water Test : Zero defect Leakage in site
  • Conservator bottom Seal : Oil visible in case of Leak
  • Oil Filling Plug Below Oil : Oil visible in case of leak
  • Mistake Proof Test Tap : Zero defect on sight test
  • Flat to flat joint for thimble : Mistake Proof connection

High Current Bushing

The High Current Bushings are built around solid extruded Aluminium conductors. Top and Bottom Terminations are integral, without any joints. Heat sink effect of Top and Bottom termination and the current uniformity eliminate HOT SPOTS and enhance UPTIME. No Free bolting but tapped holes 3 per columns, to enhance reliability and easier to fix. NO PAPER and NO OIL major Insulation; The Novel Resin Infused Glass can operate independent of Turret oil level. Can be stored and mounted at any angle. Oil free solid graded insulation, ensure Fire safety and Fool proof operation.

  • Rated Current5000 to 20000 Amps
  • StandardIEC-60137
  • Rated Voltage 24 and 36 kV


  • DRY INSULATION : Resin Infused Glass (RIG) free of PAPER & OIL
  • MAIN CONDUCTOR : Solid Extruded High Conductivity Aluminum, No Joints
  • LINKS TO BUSDUCT : Standardized Wide across, Uniform Current
  • SPRING LOADED : Non-Corrosive, Non-Magnetic
  • NICKEL COATING : Uniform Electroless, Remain bright for longer period