Cast Resin / Dry Type Transformers


Rated power from 100 KVA upto 5000 KVA, 3.3kV /6.6kV/11kV & 33kV class.

Degree of protections: IP 21/23/30/33/34/43/52/54/67.

More secure and ecological neighborly answer for Medium Voltage and Electrical Distribution systems.

Over the past 40 years’ experience in epoxy casting, ECS has emerged as one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality Dry Type/Cast Resin distribution transformers and inductors.

We have the expertise to design, manufacture, & test Dry Type/Cast Resin transformers for meeting client's special and stringent requirements to converter, rectifier, static excitation, isolation and other special applications as well.

The Cast Resin Dry Type transformers are designed and tested to comply with national & international standards such as IS 2026-11 & 11171, IEC 60076-11, ANSI, NEMA, IEEE .C57.12.01 standard.


  • Environmentally Safe
  • Moisture Proof
  • No Temperature fluctuation
  • Partial discharge free
  • High impulse and short circuit strength
  • Maintenance free
  • Fit & forget technology
  • Space saving – Easy to move

In House Testing Facility

  • NABL Accredited testing lab.
  • Routine tests as per IEC 60067-II/IS 2026-11 and IEEE Standards.
  • Temperature rise test upto 400A.
  • Impulse test upto 800kV.
  • High Voltage test upto 500kV.
  • Measurement of 3-phase partial discharge.

Specialized Products

  • Compact Substation upto 33KV calss.
  • Control Transformers
  • Ignition Transformers
  • Excitation Transformers
  • Line chokes and inductors
  • Converter duty transformers
  • Three-Winding special transformers
  • Isolation Transformers
  • Solar Transformers
  • Auxiliary transformer starting from 5 kVA rating.


  • Infrastructure: Public and commercial buildings such as Airports, Hospitals...
  • Small Industries: Textile, Automotive, Pharmaceutics, Food...
  • Indian Railways – Metros, LHB AC EOG Coaches…
  • Generation plants – Solar, Wind, Small hydro…