Cast Resin Transformers

Distribution Transformer up to 2.5MVA Cast Resin - 36kV

More secure and ecological neighbourly answer for Medium Voltage and Electrical Distribution systems, to the prerequisites of all divisions of activity.


  • Rated power from 100 kVA up to 2.5 MVA
  • Rated insulation level up to 36 kV
  • Rated frequency 50 or 60 Hz
  • MV windings encapsulated in cast resin
  • Pre-impregnated LV windings
  • Thermal insulation Class F/H
  • Deep temperature storage up to –15°C
  • Enclosure with protection up to IP54
  • On-Load Tap Changer (OLTC) upon specific request
  • Naturally cooled (AN) or air forced (AF) on request
  • Indoor installation or outdoor on request (with enclosure)


  • Moisture Proof
  • Better Impulse & Short circuit strength
  • No Maintenance— Long Life
  • Space Saving—Easy to move
  • No Temperature fluctuation
  • Immediate switch on
  • Eco– Friendly


  • Infrastructure: Public and commercial buildings such as Airports, Hospitals...
  • Small Industries: Textile, Automotive, Pharmaceutics, Food...