Low Voltage Instrument Transformers

Range : Description
Construction Type : Ring Type Resin Cast / Varnished Type / Tape Insulated Type
Rated Primary Current : 35000A (Max)
Max. System Voltage (Um) : 1.2 kV
Basic Insulation Level : Up to 6 kV
Rated Secondary Current (Is) : 1A OR 5A OR As per Customer requirement
Accuracy Class : 5P or 10P or PS or as per IEC or as per ANSI
Rated Short Time Current (Ith) : Up to 100 times rated Primary Current
Rated Dynamic Peak Current (Idyn) : 2.5 x Ith kAp
Max. Possible Cores Nos. : As per requirements
Max. Secondary Terminals Nos : As per requirements
Rated Frequency : 50/60 Hz