About Epoxy House

The group was established with the tiny venture with the name of Baroda Bushings & Insulators (the flagship company) started with a small manufacturing facility with Epoxy Resin Cast Insulators. The company with an initial struggle to create awareness about the efficiency of Epoxy Insulation which was against conventional porcelain technology and then went from strength to strength to progress in leaps & bounds.

With the initial success in the market, the company named Electrical Controls and Systems (ECS) came into existence to cater to the ever-growing demands of epoxy resin cast current and potential transformers for switchgear and transformer giants within the vicinity.

With technological advances in the field of CT’s /PT’s the inspiration and passion-driven for the formation of new company ECS – Control Coil Division for basically manufacturing of Control coils for tripping and closing functions for the application mainly in the Hydraulic valves, switchgear and breakers.

With the conglomeration of the product mix need arises to develop specialization of a product manufacturing facility, and as a result, Baroda Molds & Dies came into existence with a view to cater the needs of large and heavy sizes Bushings & Insulators with relative manufacturing facilities. For further diversification of the activities and to focus on the demands of low voltage resin cast and tape wound CT’s and PT’s M/s. Bharati Electricals as a specialized business later merged into Electrical Controls & Systems. After a small span, M/s Fibertech industries came into existence to cater to the needs of SMC, DMC & Polyester components for switchgear, transformers and other allied industries.

With our extensive experience & expertise in Low & Medium Voltage Bushing technology, we also ventured into High Voltage products with exclusive product range such as condenser bushing OIP Bushing upto 220 kV and High Voltage Instrument Transformers upto 220 kV.

For further diversification we used our expertise of resin encapsulation system and developed Cast Resin / Dry Type Transformer upto 5 MVA.

Our new venture GreenBrilliance formed with goal to educate the community and provide an affordable solution to harvest solar energy.

By the time the group’s buoyancy with name and fame for the quality products was becoming popular among overseas buyers. To fulfill these challenging commitments and export requirements Kaizen Switchgear products was established in 1997 as a 100% Export Oriented Unit of the group from where the export business of the group being conducted successfully.

Thus a small plantation grieves in to a giant tree to provide electrical solutions in the domain under one umbrella named “Epoxy House”.