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Epoxy House
866/2 & 866/5, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Makarpura, Dist.Vadodara–390010

Inspired by the overwhelming response to the activities of Baroda Bushings & Insulators, Electrical Controls & Systems (ECS-1) came into existence 1981 as a diversification within the core activity to manufacture and supply Epoxy Resin Cast Current and Potential Transformers up to 36kV System Voltage for switchgear industries basically to cater the electrical distributions systems.

866/2 & 866/5, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Makarpura, Dist.Vadodara – 390010

+91 265 2646816 / 2643652 ecs@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :- 1981
Production :-Epoxy Resin Cast Medium
Voltage CTs & VTs

Plot No.1410, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara – 391760

+91 265 2646816 ecs4@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :- 2015
Production :- High Voltage CTs & VTs

Going on with the popular demand for Control Coils for tripping and closing purpose R&D was undertaken to develop the products like coils, solenoid valves and electro-magnets for the core hydraulic valves and switchgear applications the company ECS-Control Coil division was established in 1990. Company produces Coils for hydraulic, pneumatic, contactor and CB coils applications.

248-249, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Makarpura, Dist.Vadodara – 390010

+91 265 2644785 coil@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :-1990
Production :-Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Contactor /
CB Coils

It is Flagship Company initiated as a tiny effort by founding father Mr. D. R. Patel a technocrat turned entrepreneur. The company is at present engaged in production of small sized epoxy castings in form of various types of insulators and bushings up to 36kV System Voltage.

A-2/628-629, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Makarpura, Dist.Vadodara – 390010

+91 9879611241 / 9879617241 bbi@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :- 1973
Production :- Epoxy Resin Cast Bushings & Insulators

With expanding business of Baroda Bushings & Insulators the demand of large and heavy size components like bushings and insulators, Baroda Moulds & Dies came into being in 1990. This company is engaged in manufacturing and supply of large and heavy sizes of Bushings & Insulators up to 36kV System Voltage. This unit is located in Waghodia 20kms away from Vadodara.

48 & 30,31,32, G.I.D.C.Industrial Estate,
Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara – 391760
Gujarat, India.

+91 2668 262148 bmd@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :- 1990
Production :- Epoxy Resin Cast Bushings,
Insulators & Moulded Components

With the overwhelming support from the domestic market and demand for exports for the group’s products the management envisioned the prospect for export market for its products. As a result Kaizen Switchgear Products a 100% Export Oriented Unit under India laws and regulations came into existence in 1995 started with Malaysian Switchgear Market the company progressed in leaps and bounds & today its Clientele spread through entire globe. Company has been awarded half a dozen export excellence awards from Engineering Export Promotion Council for the highest Export registered in its category.

1414, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Waghodia, Dist.Vadodara – 391760
Gujarat, India.

+91 8980811744 / 8980811741 ksp@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :-1995
Production :-Epoxy Resin Cast Components

As a diversification of product line the group envisaged the need for Sheet molding, Dough molding and FRP Products for application in switchgear and other allied industries. Fibertech Industries is engaged in manufacture and supply of SMC/DMC and FRP products.

A-2/628-629, G.I.D.C. Industrial Estate,
Makarpura, Dist.Vadodara-390010
Gujarat, India.

+91 9879611241/9879617241 bbi@epoxyhouse.com
Foundation :- 1993
Production :- FRP / SMC / DMC Components

GreenBrilliance is founded on the principle of a sustainable future. GreenBrilliance is a new venture of Epoxy house group of companies with 40 years of experience in providing innovating solution and services.

Our goal is to educate the community and provide an affordable solution to harvest solar energy.

1408 GIDC Estate,
Waghodia, Vadodara,

+91 9879614592 / 9879614505 contact@gbreenergy.com
Foundation :- 2016
Production :-Solar PV Modules

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