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We develop, design, manufacture and supply of a complete range of Epoxy moulded components like instrument transformers, epoxy bushing & insulator, distribution transformer (dry-type/ resin cast transformer), EHV bushings like high current busing, OIP condenser bushing, CT/PT metering cubicles/units, encapsulated & impregnated coil, customized solenoids, voltage detectors & detecting systems and solar PV modules.

Established in 1972 in Vadodara with flagship company Baroda Bushings & Insulators and later on Electrical Controls & Systems, Kaizen Switchgear Products, Baroda Moulds & Dies, Fibertech Industries and Green Brilliance Renewable Energy – LLP came into existence. For over 48 years, Epoxy House products have been widely used by power companies as well as other major engineering firms in the UK, USA, Australia, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sweden, France, Thailand, Norway, Brazil, and other countries.

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Product Range

Product Range

Greenbrilliance Renewable Energy LLP

In the wake of ever increasing energy demand and greenhouse gases resulting by the use of conventional energy sources, it has become imperative to shift towards renewable energy. .


Production Facilities

For the production of components, we have high tech and state of the art Hedrich make metering-mixing and dispensing machines to take care of precise and accurate feeding of Epoxy Mix to APG Machines. To produce high quality and precision components we have a single cavity and multi-cavity operated Automatic Pressure Gelation Machines besides conventional Vacuum Casting machines for the production of volumetric components.
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Tool Room Facilities

To achieve high accuracy, precise dimensions and excellent aesthetics of Epoxy Molded Components precise and accurate Molds and its auxiliary equipment are required. Tool Room is an integral part of the entire group to backup component production with high accuracy, precision and superior aesthetics with the use of CADCAM Softwares like Unigraphics, Mastercam and Solid Edge for designing by richly experienced Engineers.

Similarly, for the production of intricate Molds, we have high-tech CNC Milling machines, CNC Turning Centre and Spark Erosion machines to develop and manufacture immaculate molds.

Tool Room is supported by a dedicated and qualified team of Engineers with high Expertise and Skill in the manufacturing of Molds for small-sized, close tolerance parts and fairly large-sized parts.
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Quality Assurance Facilities

Apart from the profound method of producing high quality and aesthetics of components are required consistently. To achieve this group has a three-tier quality inspection policy e.g. Raw material, the first sample, and in-process material & finished products. We have within the group high class & accurate quality inspection gadgets and apparatus to inspect the quality of Raw material, in-process material, and finished products ready to dispatch, for CTs and VTs we have E-Testing facilities. All the group companies are certified with ISO 9001:2008 from RWTUV and equipped with the integrated Enterprise Resource Planning System.
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Testing Facilities

To maintain high-quality standards the group has various types of testing facilities and entailed with highly precise and accurate test setups and most modern equipment like Partial Discharge Units, High Voltage Labs, X-Ray Machines, Helium Gas Leakage Detector Units, Universal Testing Machines, Temperature Rise Test Setup, Capacitance & Ten Delta, Omicron CT Analyzer, TG Test Setup, Oil Leak Test, Surface Table, Height Gauge and Bore Gauge.
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“Going Green is easier than Ever”

“Let the Sun be our friend instead of our enemy.” To support Solar energy, we have invested in solar plants to avoid use of big oils.

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